Independent survey on SupaMoto shows massive impact!

An independent survey conducted by the Energy and Environment partnership Africa Trust Fund has shown massive impact.

Below are few key extracts from the findings:

  • Using the SupaMoto cookstove: The SupaMoto cookstove turns out to be a considerable time saver for respondents, who spend far fewer hours per day cooking and also, 84% of respondents now use the cookstove as their main source of heat for cooking.
  • Impact on quality of life | General: Almost no respondents reported negative effects, and almost half of them noted an improvement in the taste of food. Among the 37% of respondents who received a solar lighting device, 63% are using it for cooking at night.

  • Impact on quality of life | Likelihood to recommend the product: 99% of respondents are likely to recommend the SupaMoto cookstove, irrespective of their gender.

Story of change

“When I was using charcoal, the wall was being burnt. The heat was exceeding and the wall would even start cracking and breaking. Now I don’t see that anymore, there’re no cracks and no paint coming out like that.”
Cecilia with her cookstove (credit: Sagai Research)

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