1. What is SupaMoto?
    A renewable cooking fuel made from 100% sawdust or other agricultural wastes as alternative to charcoal.
  2. How to start a MimiMoto stove.
    • Add fire starter such as paraffin or dry sticks.
    • Start fire and turn the fan on low.
    • Turn up the fan when flame is stable and start cooking.
  3. Can I use SupaMoto in my mbaula?
    No. SupaMoto can only be used in stoves with controlled inflow air to complete combustion.
  4. Where can I buy SupaMoto?
    We have a wide network of resellers and distributors in strategic places around the country.
  5. What other solutions do we provide?
    We provide complete Home Energy Systems for energy needs. These include cook stoves and products like lamps, fans, radios & TV’s.