SupaMoto Clean Cooking

SupaMoto Pellets

Our core product, SupaMoto pellets are 100% Zambian and 100% renewable. We make them from waste sawdust from pine and eucalyptus sustainable plantations, and are testing other biomass. They come in 20kg and 50kg bags.

SupaMoto Stove

Pellet stove for households and small commercial kitchens with variable settings from very low heat to very high. An incredibly fuel-efficient stove, perfect for your modern indoor kitchen! Comes with a rechargeable built-in battery, which is charged with a solar panel. Can also be charged with ZESCO power.

SupaMoto Institutional Stoves


SupaMoto MAXI and MEDIUM fanned gasifying stoves for commercial kitchens and institutional cooking. Designed and made in Zambia! Used at major canteens and restaurants in Zambia – already cooking 200 000 meals a month! Very low carbon monoxide emissions, no soot emissions. Can be used with either a wall-plug or a solar charging system.

A Pioneering Model: The Utility Model

SupaMoto retains ownership of the stove, allowing us to expand our product offerings and cater to low-income charcoal users. The stoves are equipped with a SIM card fitted PCB, enabling SupaMoto to track their location and monitor usage, contingent upon good telco connectivity in the area. This model operates on a regional basis, emphasizing close customer relationships and necessitating knowledge of each customer’s location for effective service delivery. Customers agree to pay a commitment fee and acknowledge that stove ownership remains with SupaMoto. They commit to purchasing a minimum of 30 kilograms of pellets monthly, maintaining the stove, covering costs for damages due to negligence, and consenting to the monitoring of cooking data for carbon credit purposes.